No project is too large or too small for Aegis!

We have completed over 900 projects to date, both private and public,

including residential, commercial, industrial, educational, and federal.


Some of our projects include...

Project: MasterBrand Cabinets $125,000.00
  Asbestos Abatement Industrial
Project: University of Alabama Huntsville $200,000.00
  Asbestos Abatement School
Project: Tennessee Valley Regional Housing Authority $150,000.00
  Asbestos Abatement Residential Space
Project: Kentucky State Office Building $3,000,000.00
  Asbestos Abatement/ Demolition Office Space
Project: TSU Avon Williams Campus $300,000.00
  Hazardous Material Abatement College
Project: MTSU $600,000.00
  Hazardous Materials/Demo College/Dorm
Project: Nashville State Tech Community College $150,000.00
  Hazardous Material Abatement College
Project: Tennessee Tech Emergency Work & Maintenance Contract 5 years to date  
  Asbestos / Lead College
Project: Rutherford County Schools Emergency Maintenance Contract 5 years to date  
  Asbestos / Lead School
Project: Ft. Benning WHINSEC $700,000.00
  Asbestos Military
Project: Erlanger Health Systems Maintenance Contract 7 months to date
  Asbestos / Lead Hospital
Project: Tennessee State University Hankal Hall $300,000.00
  Asbestos / Demolition College
Project: Chattanooga Housing Authority Emma Wheeler Homes $300,000.00
  Asbestos / Lead Abatement Residential Space

          We also performed asbestos abatement on an accelerated schedule at

The University of Alabama, Rose Tower ($275,000), prior to the implosion of the building.

          Click here to watch the implosion of Rose Tower at University of Alabama>>>Rose Tower Implosion